Start making nomadic life a reality with my FREE Nomadic Life Starter Kit. Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. ✔️ List of available rig options
  2. ✔️ Resources on DIY van builds
  3. ✔️ 20 income stream ideas for nomadic life
  4. ✔️ Ways to find free camping in your rig
  5. ✔️ Rig Buying Tips
Nomadic Life Starter Kit by Mellow Nomadic Adventures A Cover

A bit more about me:

Marshall of Mellow Nomadic Adventures

Hello! My name is Marshall Shartzer III and I’m a filmmaker turned blogger over at Mellow Nomadic Adventures, where I write all about nomadic life, van life, national parks, and YouTube meet-ups.

I also travel and live in my minivan camper conversion, a Dodge Grand Caravan, and spend most of my winters traveling.

Choosing a rig is one of the hardest parts of accomplishing your nomadic life dreams. I hope these information sheets help you make the best decision.

I hope to meet you out there!


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What is the Nomadic Life Starter Kit?

This Starter Kit is only the beginning. My goal is to improve upon this e-book and create an in-depth guide to nomadic living.

Once you have entered your name and e-mail address, please be sure to go to your e-mail and open the e-mail that I will automatically send to you.

There you will receive a link to be able to download your copy of the kit. Or you can simply view it as well.

This free e-book started at 18 pages. And I look forward to expanding this valuable information.

For comments or suggestions, please e-mail here.

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