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Today I wanted to talk about the different types of video gear I use. Although I do have a pro level camera, I will be focusing on using my phone to show you can do it that way.

Video Gear I Use

I’ve decided to use my phone at first for a few reasons:

  • Tiny footprint
  • Always have it with me
  • iPhone 11 shoots in 4k
  • Video stabilization
  • Time-lapse mode
  • I have a lavalier microphone that plugs into the phone

There are just a few pieces of gear you need to shoot compelling and crisp video footage using your phone. Even if you don’t have the latest iPhone, you can still utilize your phone to start. We all start somewhere and the best advice I can give is to use everything you have access to. Use all the tools and gear at your disposal.

What If I Suck?

If you find yourself asking this question, I have to answer it with another question: What if you are really great at that thing?

I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve let that voice inside my head talk me out of trying and doing so much. However, I eventually learned that I am in control of my thoughts. Not the other way around. Once you realize this and start to practice this daily, you will be unstoppable.

So, get out of your head, and let’s move forward. One thing I do to make myself more comfortable with being on camera is to record myself often. Then I review the footage and see how I can make it better.

“What if you are really great at that thing?”

What Other Video Gear Do I Use?

That’s a great question, however, we haven’t even gotten into the list at all yet. So, let’s do that! I am going to start by listing the basics along with links to the item for your convenience in case you are interested in purchasing one for yourself:

  • iPhone 11 – Like I already mentioned, this phone shoots video in 4k resolution. I quit smoking cigarettes (it’s now been over 20.5 months) and saved the money that I would have spent on a new iPhone 11.





  • LED Video Light – This is the light I used to use when I filmed a lot of weddings using my Nikon D5100. This light is great because it slides right into the hot shoe and it’s super bright.

What Gear For Post-Production?

  • Apple MacBook Air with 8 GB Ram – This laptop is well worth the investment. It’s lightweight, great size, and powerful to edit photos & videos. If you are a teacher, you can order from Apple directly and receive a discount.

And that’s really all you need. I would get one or the other between the Clamp Mount and the Mini Tripod. You really don’t need both. Remember it’s not so much about what gear you have. It’s more about the story you have to tell. The story is always King!

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