About Mellow Nomadic Adventures

About Mellow. Who is Mellow?

Hi! Thank you for exploring more about who runs Mellow Nomadic Adventures!

I am a 40-something man hoping to inspire people to pursue their passions. My nickname is Mellow and I am excited to bring my passions to you. Although my nickname is Mellow and I am a pretty chill guy, I will do my best to entertain.

What is the Blog About?

This blog will focus on many of those passions and I hope that I can connect with some of you out there who are passionate about the same things!

Camping is a uniting family activity and can also be a life-saving skill. Knowing how to start a fire, find water, cook food, and stay protected from the elements is one of mankind’s earliest skill sets. And there’s just something about being submerged in nature that does a soul and body good!

Cooking. Camping would never be complete without knowing how to feed yourself while out in the wild. From sanitizing water to preparing full-blown meals in the wild, mastering how to cook over different heating sources is key to being well prepared. Like anything, practice will increase your chances of perfecting your techniques. And full bellies always make for happier campers!

What’s the Point of All of This?

Travel is definitely one of my passions and something I have decided to devote more of my attention to. This is the main driving force that is motivating me to pursue this lifestyle change. I never had the luxury to travel and go on vacations when I was growing up. Therefore it is something I am extremely interested in doing with my life. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you also want to travel more!

You will also see some of my other skills throughout my adventures. My mission is to inspire & help you to create the life of your dreams.

I also love playing guitar, taking photographs, making movies, and watching sunsets!

Those are the main passions this blog will focus on. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to send them to: