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Hi! So you want to work with me? I am super excited to hear that!

Before we get started, I’m going to share a little more about myself and my core values, and I’ll also share my website’s stats & audience demographics.

I want to make sure that partnering with Mellow Nomadic Adventures is the right fit for your brand or business.

About Mellow Nomadic Adventures

Mellow Nomadic Adventures is a nomadic living blog about my self-built minivan camper (Carol the caravan), my National Parks adventures, and community meet-ups.

I feel strongly about helping people escape the traditional lifestyle in order to pursue a nomadic lifestyle of freedom, fun, and adventure.

Mellow Nomadic Adventures features articles on the following topics:

  • Minivan life and DIY conversion
  • Nomadic tips
  • National Parks on a budget
  • Full-time solo travel
  • Living in my minivan
  • Digital & Affiliate marketing
  • Minimalism and downsizing tips
  • Camping gear
  • Van life gear

Website Stats

Mellow Nomadic Adventures started in the Fall of 2020 and continues to grow and evolve each month. Here are a few of my latest stats (Updated April 2023):

  • 5,000+ social media followers
  • Learn more at

Need more info? Feel free to email Marshall [at] mellownomadic [dot] com for a detailed press kit

My Audience

My audience consists of a large group of people between the ages of 35-70 who are ready for a lifestyle change. This group is helping to reinvent the American dream by choosing to live minimally, working remotely, and exploring nomadic living. Many are retirees starting in cars or minivans and figuring out how to navigate their lives after work.

Mellow Nomadic Adventures’ core group loves nature, National Parks, freedom, adventure, and the outdoors.


GENDER: Women 60% | Men 40%

AGE: 25-34: 4% | 35-44: 13% | 45-54 27% | 55-64: 37% | 65+: 17%

Most of Mellow Nomadic Adventures’ readers come from the United States, then Canada, then the United Kingdom.

Partnership Opportunities to Work With Me

Are you interested in what you’re reading so far? YES! Let’s figure out how we can work together!

I value my audience’s trust and only recommend companies or products I truly believe in.

Sponsored Posts:

Sponsored posts are an excellent way to spread the word about your company or brand. These posts are fully SEO optimized and shared across social media platforms on an ongoing basis. Sponsored posts have the best longevity because they never leave my site.

(Please remember according to the FTC, all sponsored content will be branded as such and will contain no-follow links.)

Social Media Campaigns:

Hire me to get the word out about your brand on social media. I will share an image/post on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Advertising on Mellow Nomadic Adventures:

Curious about having your own ads up on Mellow Nomadic Adventures? Ad placement options available include specific blog posts or on specific pages. Additionally, ads can be placed on edited videos on my YouTube channel. Contact me and let’s discuss!

Product Reviews:

I am interested in adding reviews to my blog and YouTube channel. Products related to nomadic life, van life, Overlanding, RVing, National Parks, or the great outdoors. If you send me a product to try, I promise an honest review on my blog and across my social media channels. Because product review posts are considered sponsored posts with the same applicable fees (unless the value of the product exceeds my sponsored post rate), this decision is made on a case-by-case basis.

Get in touch!

Do you think our values align? Are you ready to move forward? Please get in touch:

marshall [at] mellownomadic [dot] com

Keep in mind that I am likely out adventuring, and will be in touch as soon as I can!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Marshall Shartzer III