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Top 5 Essential Camping Gear may be a difficult list to imagine.

FIVE pieces of gear!? Is that all? You may be thinking that is not enough gear to go camping.

However, what if it IS enough?

Top 5 Camping Gear Essentials
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Also, what if you are a beginner and don’t have a lot of money, however you still wanted to go camping? In that case, a Top 5 Essential Camping Gear blog post is exactly what you will need!

In this post, I will discuss the 5 most essential pieces of camping gear that every camper needs.

5 Camping Gear Essentials

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1. Sleeping Bag

First, you will need something to keep your body warm and protect you from the night time air. That’s why a sleeping bag is my first choice. You can pick up this lightweight & waterproof, 3 season sleeping bag for about $23. What’s great about this sleeping bag is that it’s easy to carry and easy to clean. They also have a few colors to choose from:

top 5 essential camping gear: 1 - sleeping bag
Sleeping Bag

2. Camping Tent

top 5 essential camping gear: 2 - tent

You’ll likely need a Tent so you’re not just sleeping on the ground in the woods. A one or two person tent will work. This 2-3 person, automatic pop-up tent is normally about $40.

3. Water

top 5 essential camping gear: 3 - water

You will need to BYOW (bring your own water) for sure. I use this water jug that can hold several gallons ($15).

4. Fire Starter

A fire starter of some sort such as a flint & striker ($14), a lighter ($15), waterproof matches ($7.50), etc. is also a critical piece of gear unless you plan on rubbing two sticks together.

5. Food

Next you will need a way to feed yourself. So foods that do not need to be kept on ice are key to avoid needing a cooler. This can be items like fruit, dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, granola bars, soup in a can, jerky, etc. Everyone has different taste so take something you like.


What’s the Damage?

All in, this list will run you approximately $93 without the food. Food will depend on how many days you are going, how many meals you plan to eat in a day, etc. Also that number is with the $15 pack of lighters. So, let’s say you get a lighter at a gas station for $3, then your total would be about $81.


I hope you found some value from this post. You don’t need all the gadgets and fun little toys to go camping and be able to enjoy nature and being outdoors. If you are going for 2-3 days you can probably get by with $100 or less.

Remember, this is with buying everything brand new. You can cut this cost dramatically by watching for sales and shopping at yard sales. We have these places here called Peddler’s Malls and they have some great deals sometimes.

Want to start with a little bit bigger set of gear? Then you may like my blog post TOP 10 CAMPING GEAR ESSENTIALS.

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Thanks for reading my post! What are your Top 5 pieces of Essential Camping Gear? Let me know in the comments!

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