What I Use in Minivan Camper Conversion

What’s in my Minivan Camper Conversion can vary from season to season however, there are some basic necessities I love to have in Carol the Caravan, my 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan minivan camper conversion that I designed and built in 2020.

As I gain more time in my minivan camper, I will add to this list. This is not a complete list of everything I carry with me or use, however, it’s a great starting point for those wondering what they may need for their own van life setup.

These items can be used in a minivan, RV, cargo van, full-size van, truck, or car camper.

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Electrical System

Temperature Control

What I Use in Minivan Camper Conversion for Lighting

What I Use in Minivan Camper Conversion for my Bed


Kitchen Gear

Food Storage



Tech Stuff

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